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King Adora - Comfortable. by broken-star

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Page 3 -- King Adora - In my wildest dreams. by broken-star



disclaimer - it's fiction! product of a warped mind, boredom

and vodka ;) if you like / hate it, please send me feedback  *mwahhhs* love broken-star

Toss me turn me it's up to you.

His eyes filled with tears as his stepfather laughed scornfully and

looked him down, before slapping him hard across the face, and

mumbling something of his disgust at his 'nancy-boy' stepson.

He wore black hipster jeans, slung low on his waist, and a tight black

t-shirt with the words 'vibrate you' scrawled across it carefully in


His eyes glistened with glitter eyeshadow, and now with tears.

He backed away from the hatred and laughter, and ran back to his room.

In his safety haven, he lay back on his bed, gazing at the King Adora

poster on his far wall. He sighed deeply, and sat up.

He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, and twirled it around with

his fingers. The words 'KING ADORA' written across the ticket glinted

in the candle-light.

'fuck him' he whispered softly.

'Fuck Him' louder.

He leaned over and reached for his make-up bag.

He pulled out a small mirror and looked carefully at his face.

His eyeliner was smudged with tears, and the glitter eyeshadow had

created little streaks of glitter where his tears had been.

He smudged the eyeliner carefully, looking up at the poster.

Maxi would be proud of his make up job.

Except it was ruined by a bruise forming on his cheek.

He laughed sorrowfully.

He stood up and looked out the window, he could see his reflection

intertwined with the image of the dark sky and the stars and smiled


He stroked a laced finger down his velvet jacket and then slipped

it on, quietly opening one of the windows.

His slim body slid through easily, and he lowered himself to the

ground, pulling the window partly closed behind him.

He stood for a moment, and closed his eyes, thinking of his step

fathers anger when he discovered him gone.

He looked back and saw the poster through his window, he blew it a

kiss, and ran off into the night.

The stars that bring me could almost kill me.

He reached the club king adora were playing an hourearly, and leaned

against the outside wall. He sighed, and pulled out a cigarette,

lighting it and inhaling deeply. He closed his eyes and let his mind

drift away.


He heard the voice, but it passed through his mind, not interrupting

the darkness he saw there.

'Hey kid'

This time the voice jolted him out of his memories, and his eyes flew

open. He felt his cigarette burning almost to the end, and dropped it

to the ground.

'yeah' he replied quietly, looking up at the man shyly.

'You can come in if you want, gigs not for a bit... bars open'

'ohh, thanks' he followed the man through the doors, and up to the bar,

ordered himself a drink, and watched as the man wandered through to

the backstage area. 'management or something' he thought.

He picked up a tall glass of vodka / lemonade and handed over the cash,

surveying the small club. He found a dark corner and curled up by

himself, waiting for time to pass. He smiled a small smile of

anticipation, finding himself wanting something, and knowing

*just knowing* that tonight would be special.


They finished the set with Suffocate, tears came to his eyes, and he

closed them, letting the music wash over him, escaping his thoughts

and fears, blissfully drifting away.

He felt his body sinking, felt himself losing control, yet careful

hands held him and he did not fall as he drifted into a peaceful,

beautiful unconsciouseness.


He did not know, but as the crowd lifted his body to safety, an

anxious singer watched him closely from the stage, hanging onto the

last notes of the song to see the bouncers carry the limp body of the

beautiful young boy backstage.


He was awoken by someone splashing cold water on his face, and opened

his eyes slowly, trying to un-blur his vision.

'Don't' he muttered 'you'll mess up my eyeliner'

He heard gentle laughter, but didn't understand where it came from,

or why someone was laughing, and closed his eyes again.


The next time he awoke he was wrapped in warmth and comfort.

He opened his eyes and tried to focus in the dim light.

He understood he was in a bed, and wondered if he was at home,

but somehow knew he wasn't.

A gentle hand brushed his hair away from his face, and he pulled away,

shielding his face.

'sorry' the voice whispered soothingly, 'it's ok, you're on the tour

bus, you passed out back there, you're ok now'.

The boy slowly brought his hands down from his face and looked at the

speaker, biting his lip as he realised who he was.


Kiss me trip me baby, you know it's true

After half an hour of hugs and drinks, Maxi managed to coax a few words

from the boy.

He was painfully shy to watch, his motions jumpy, as if he

expected someone to lash out at him, his voice so quiet,

and his beautiful dark eyes always lowered.

Maxi couldn't help staring, he felt somehow drawn to this lonely, lost

creature sitting on his bed, drinking vodka, an image of purity and

an overwhelming sadness.

He wanted to hold him close and safe from who-ever had dared to hurt


The boy fiddled with the long sleeves of his top, pulling the cuffs

down, and Maxi watched his delicate fingers.

'I have to go home' he said quietly.

'You can stay here' Maxi said, 'we're staying overnight'.

The boy looked up, fear flickered in his eyes.

'No, no I can't, my step-dad...' he cut off, and lowered his eyes

again, 'I can't' he mumbled quietly.

'It's ok hun' Maxi said matching his quiet tone, and taking his

hand instinctively, 'I'll walk you home.'

The boy nodded and entwined his fingers with Maxi's, and they slipped

off the bed. Maxi scrawled a note for the others, who had gone out for

a drink, and they left the tour-bus.

The boy shivered in the cold air, and Maxi slipped an arm around him.

For a moment, the boy pulled away, then, realising he was still

shaking, allowed Maxi to hold him as they walked.

They walked in silence for several minutes, the boy slipping closer

to Maxi as they walked, untill he was snuggled close to the older

man, his head rested on his shoulder, arms around his waist.

The boy laughed gently, snuggling further into Maxi's neck,

the first 'happy' sound Maxi had heard from him.

They stopped walking, and Maxi stroked his hair, 'what' he murmured.

'umm, we're here' the boy said, looking at one of the houses accross

the road. 'i just realised' the boy spoke as softly as ever,

'you don't even know my name'.

Maxi touched his face gently, and bit his lip, thoughts rushing through

his head, he felt light-headed.

He leant in and kissed the boy softly on the lips, slipping his tongue

out to touch the other boy's lips gently.

When Maxi opened his eyes, he saw the boys eyes, staring into his,

glistening with tears.

'sorry, fuck, i'm sorry' he muttered.

The boy took his hand and held it tightly, 'no, don't be sorry, it's

just' he looked down again, 'you're the first person who'se kissed me'

he mumbled. 'it was beautiful'.

Maxi tilted the boys head up, and was rewarded with a sweet, sad smile.

'what's your name?' he asked smiling back.

'Ceri' he said softly 'It's Welsh'.


Sleep disarms me...

'Ceri' Matt murmured, 'such a pretty name'.

The boy smiled, my Dad was Welsh' he said 'my Real Dad'.

A worried look crossed his face again.

'I have to be back, he doesn't know I'm gone'.

'Can I come in?' Maxi asked, not wanting to leave the boy.

Ceri lowered his eyes 'best not' he mumbled.

'You'll be ok though?' Maxi asked uncertainely, looking over at the

house. It seemed covered in darkness and shadows.

The boy nodded sadly, and touched Maxi's neck.

Maxi felt shivers down his spine, and pulled the Ceri closer to him,

whispering softly in his ear. 'Ceri, I don't want to leave you'.

The boy pulled Maxi closer, and kissed his lips soflty, then pulled

away from his hold.

He stepped back, and blew him a kiss, and knew his

dream was over and his nightmare only just beginning.

'Bye' he whispered, holding back tears.

He turned and ran for the house, not looking back.

Maxi stood staring at the house, unable to tear himself away.

He turned slowly, and started to walk back in the direction of the

tour bus, tears streaming down his face.

'CERI, Where t'fuck you think you've been dressed like a fuckin'

drag queen'.

Ceri closed the door behind him, he was home.

'I was at a gig' he said softly.

His step-father leered at him, and Ceri could smell the drink on his

breath. He backed away.

'Where you think you're goin, if you're gonna look like a slut,

be treated like one'. His step-father laughed.

The sound terrified Ceri.

His step-father grabbed him in a tight grip, and slapped him

accross the face, shoving him against the wall.

Ceri closed his eyes, as his step-fathers words echoed around him.

He closed his mind to the pain that followed.

His step-father left him collapsed and semi-conscious in the hallway,

his make-up smeared with blood and tear stains,

his memories of kissing Maxi seemed a distant dream.

He pulled himself to his feet, his step-father had abandoned him

there, and was probably passed out himself somewhere.

Ceri bit his lip, fighting waves of pain and nausea that swept through

his body as he tried to move.

He steadied himself against the wall, and walked towards the door,

seeing himself in the glass reflection.

He touched his swollen lips softly, and closed his eyes,

warm memories of Maxi's touch swept over those of his step-fathers

beating, washing them away. He felt an ache for the man who had

held him.

Ceri turned the handle, and slipped outside, closing the door carefully

and quietly behind him.

He felt a wave of dizziness, as the cool air swept over him.

He hoped he would find someone to hold him again.


...and no-one harms me.

Matt lay on his bed, facing the wall, tears slowly falling down his

face. He didn't bother to brush them away.

'I shouldn't have left him, Martyn, I shouldn't he muttered,

'Matt, there was nothing you could do' a soothing voice reasoned.

'No, no, something was wrong' Maxi said, sniffing. He sat up, and

looked at Martyn, who sat perched on the edge of his bed.

Martyn leaned over and hugged him 'go to sleep' he said,

rubbing Maxi's back, and wiping away the tears.

Maxi put his arms around Martyn and let him sooth him to sleep.

Martyn was good at that, Maxi thought to himself, as he let himself

drift off in his friends' arms.

Ceri walked in the direction of where the tour-bus had been parked,

guided by instinct, more than judgement, and felt a fresh wave

of tears of frustration. He had a pounding headache and he hurt.

His face stung in the cold wind. His body ached from the beating.

His eyes stung with tears. Dizziness washed over him, and he struggled

to keep walking.

The bus was in sight.

He just had to... just.. keep... going... he tripped, and stumbled

to the ground, adding grazed hands to his injuries.

He pulled himself to his feet and stumbled towards the tour-bus,

collapsing against the door, calling out for Matt.

He felt a wave of pain, and a dark unconsciousness fell over him.

He welcomed it.


Comfortable, comfortable, it's what you are.

Martyn heard muffled shouts outside and opened the tourbus door,

expecting to see Dan and Robbie. Instead he found the body of a boy

lying, back against the bus, unconscious and hurt.

He knelt down next to him, and shook him gently.

The boys eyes fluttered open, and he murmured something about Maxi,

that Martyn couldn't hear, and passed out again.

Martyn's strong arms lifted the boy's limp body from the ground and

he carried him into the tour bus.

'One of Matt's admirers' he thought to himself 'poor kid probably

got beaten up for that eyeliner'.

He laid the boy down on one of the sofa-beds, and woke him again,

offering him a glass of water. The boy took it and his eyes drifted

around the inside of the bus. 'Is Maxi here?' he asked softly.

'Yeah, he's sleeping' Martyn replied.

'I... I was talking to him earlier, can I stay... till he wakes up'

The boy looked scared and uncomfortable. Martyn put up a hand to brush

his hair away from his face and look at a cut on his head, but the

boy pulled away from him.

Martyn sighed. 'I'll wake Maxi, ok'.

The boy nodded, and smiled briefly.

Martyn sat on the edge of the bed, where earlier he had coaxed Maxi

to sleep over some boy.

'a boy... this boy?' Martyn thought, and shook Maxi gently.

'Fuck off, I'm sleeping'

Matyn smiled. 'No you're not, and there's someone here you might

want to see'

Maxi opened his eyes and looked questioningly at Martyn. He sat up

hurriedly, and banged his head off the top bunk-bed above him.


'Ceri?' he called out, sleepily.

He stood up and looked towards the front of the bus, where the

beautiful boy he thought he'd lost sat, blood and tear stained

yet beautiful as before.

Matt walked to him slowly, and knelt down in front of him.

'Ceri' he purred 'what happened love'

The boy slipped down from the chair so he knelt next to Maxi,

and put his arms around him and buried his head in Maxi's neck.

He mumbled something quietly, that only Maxi heard and understood,

and they kissed gently.

Martyn smiled and slipped out of the bus. They looked like they might

want some privacy.


Whatever made you haunt me?

Ceri clung on to Maxi, and let him soothe his tears away, and hold

him close.

Maxi ran his hands over Ceri's neck, and put his arms around the boy.

Ceri winced and pulled back.

'Sorry' Maxi whispered, realising his touch hurt Ceri.

Ceri took his hands, and lifted them back to his neck.

'There' he said softly 'it doesn't hurt there'.

'Oh Ceri, why, why do you let him do this?' Maxi said, trying

to hold back tears.

'What else can I do' he replied bitterly. 'I can't leave'

'Why not' Maxi asked fiercely, anger rising at anyone who could

hurt this beautiful, gentle creature.

The boy laughed 'what could I do'.

'Stay'. Maxi replied. 'Stay with me, please, I'm not letting you go

this time'.

The boy looked up at Maxi. 'You don't mean it' he said hesitantly.

Maxi touched his face gently. 'I do' he replied, and sealed it with

a kiss.

Ceri closed his eyes, and let the kiss linger.

He pulled Maxi closer to him, until they lay together on the bed.

His body was shaking with fear and lust. Yet he held Maxi close,

and pulled him into another deep kiss.

Maxi pulled away slowly, and trailed a hand down Ceri's side,

making him shiver. 'I'm not hurting you am I?' he asked, looking

at Ceri's bruised and battered body.

'You never could' Ceri breathed, and slipped a hand under Maxi's

top, pushing it further up, stealing glances of his pale skin.

He kissed his neck and pulled Maxi close, letting a wave of

anticipation wash over him.

They cuddled together closely, Ceri letting his hands wander

over Maxi's body, and feeling ripples of lust as Maxi returned

his attention, careful to avoid cuts and bruises.

Ceri felt an overwhelming urge to cry, and tried to hold back tears.

He closed his eyes as Maxi kissed him softly, and remembered the

first time they had kissed. He felt tears stream down his face.

Maxi murmured soothing words into his ear and held him close untill

Ceri's tears subsided.

'ok hun?' he asked gently.

Ceri nodded. 'don't leave me' he whispered.

Maxi closed his eyes and saw the first moment he had seen Ceri,

as he fell unconscious at the end of Suffocate.

'whatever made you haunt me' he whispered back.


I will bleed for you

*** Ceri backed away as his step-father leered closer to him.

He could smell the lager and cigarettes on his father's breath.

He couldn't breath.

His step-father touched his neck with the cold steel of the knife

he held in his hand.

Ceri screamed. ***

He woke up with Maxi sitting next to him looking scared and touching

his hand gently.

He pulled Maxi down into a tight hug and cried into his shoulder,

his body shaking.

It had been like this since he had left, images of his step-father

haunting his dreams. He had barely slept during the couple of weeks

since he had been 'home'.

Martyn, Maxi and a couple of their friends, had gone back with him,

once, to get some clothes and possessions. It had taken four of them

to pull his stepfather back from attacking Ceri.

The two lay in silence as Ceri's tears subsided, and Maxi whispered

gentle reassurances to him, and stroked his back.

He curled up closer to Maxi, feeling safe there.

'I'm sorry' he whispered, sniffing quietly.


Maxi woke up the next morning, and untangled himself from the sleeping

boy, trying not to wake him.

He moved quietly into the 'kitchen' of the tour-bus, where Robbie

stood making coffee. He looked at him with his 'sweet puppy' look.

Robbie laughed gently, and poured a second cup, adding plenty of


Maxi took the cup gratefully, and sat down on one of the unoccupied

bunk-beds, sipping the soothing liquid slowly. He looked at Ceri and

back to Robbie, and felt tears sting in his eyes.

'Ohh god Rob, I don't know what to do, he's so unhappy, and I can't

do anything, but he can't go back, he can't, he can't and he's

hurting himself Rob, he's...' he drifted off and felt tears stream

down his face.

Robbie sat down next to him and took the coffee from his hands,

placing it on a work-top. He took Maxi in his arms, and held him,

letting him cry.

'I don't know hun', Robbie sighed 'he needs help'

Maxi raised his head 'no, he won't talk to anyone, you know that,

he's still shy of you.'

Robbie smiled 'but he'll talk to you...'

'He sees his step-father, in his dreams, fuck, how many attacks...

he hurt him, Robbie, he hurt him so much, there's nothing I can do

to take that away'.

'No' Robbie replied gently, 'just be there for him, be strong, you

can cry to me, let him cry to you'. He kissed Maxis forehead gently,

and handed him the coffee. 'Drink' he commanded. 'You look like shit'.

'Bitch' Maxi retorted, smiling a little.

'Tour's finished, go back to yours and rest' Robbie suggested.

Maxi looked up at him and lifted an eyebrow smiling suggestively.

'Mmm, rest, yeah' he murmured.


You're so sexational.

'I don't give a fuck if it's London' Maxi screamed down the phone,

choking back tears 'This tour's supposed to be over, we need a break',

he continued, his voice shaking.

'One more gig, Matt, this is big, you need this one' replied the

warning tones of their manager, that Maxi knew too well.

He sighed, 'fine' he mumbled, admitting defeat. He glanced at Ceri,

sleeping on his end-of-tour-fancy-hotel bed and hung up the


He knelt down next to the bed and touched Ceri's hair, he wanted to

wake him, he wanted company, comfort, a hug.

His conscience tore at him, and he left the boy sleeping, knowing

how hard the last few weeks had been on him too.

He locked himself in the bathroom, and splashed cold water on his

face. He looked at his reflection, pale and tired. Last nights eyeliner

still smudged around his eyes.

He rummaged through his make up bag, and felt his hand close on a small

package that had no place in a 'normal' make up bag.

He took out the bag of white powder, and sat down on the toilet

seat, balancing it on his knees.

He lifted a small mirror and a razor blade from the shelf. He ran the

blade along his forearm softly, barely drawing blood, and bit his

lip as he felt a deep pain for Ceri... Ceri who had hurt himself

because others had hurt him.

Tears pricked at his eyes and he blinked them away, turning the

razor to what he had intended it for. He cut the powder finely

and snorted several lines more than usual of the coke.

He felt a shiver down his spine, and wrapped his arms around himself.

He saw the rest of the powder, the mirror and blade fall to the floor,

but it all seemed so far away.

He felt a comforting warmth wash over him, and slid to the floor,

closing his eyes, and letting it drown out his thoughts.


I'll always bleed for you

He opened his eyes and sat up slowly, wondering where he was.

He rubbed his eyes, and noticed he had rubbed eyeliner onto his

hands. Fuck. That meant he had slept in his make-up, again.

Although at least Maxi had made sure he hadn't slept in his clothes.

Ceri smiled at that thought, and dragged off the bed-covers,

shivering at the cold. He pulled on the nearest pair of jeans,

which turned out to be Maxi's, and slung low on his hips.

He headed for the bathroom, smiling. Tour was over, he had Maxi all

to himself, it was his turn to look after Maxi for a bit.

He tried the bathroom door; locked.

He peeked through the gap between the window and curtain.

He could just make out Maxi's body lying on the floor.

Ceri screamed and yelled Maxi's name.

No response.

He slammed his hands against the window, trying to wake Maxi.

The glass window cracked, and he slammed his hands against the

broken glass, shattering the window.

He slipped a hand through the shattered glass, and slipped open

the lock.

He knelt down next to the body of the man he had come to love and

adore and felt tears come to his eyes and flow down his cheeks.

He did not realise he was still screaming. Nor did he realise his

hands, wrists and arms were bleeding heavily from the broken glass.

Nothing mattered at that moment except for Maxi.

He felt a wave of light-headedness and fear and pain, and closed

his eyes, trying to block it out. He felt unconsciousness try to

grasp at him, and let it take him... hoping it would take him to Maxi.


Ceri felt strong arms carry him, and felt himself wrapped in warmth and

comfort. He blinked open his eyes and looked up to see Martyn, his

face worried and pale. He cuddled in to Martyn's body. He had to ask.

'Maxi... is he...'

Martyn shushed him gently, and laid him down on the hotel bed.

'He's ok' he said quietly, pulling the bed-covers around Ceri.

'Just stay still for now' Martyn said quietly, and wrapped his arms

around the boy, and holding his arms gently to look at the cuts.

Ceri let the tears return to his eyes and lay his head on Martyn's

shoulder, crying quietly.

Martyn held him close, not letting him look through to where the

medics had arrived to take Maxi's unconscious body to hospital.

One of the medics came through and spoke quietly to Robbie and Dan,

who had come through after Martyn had heard Ceri's screams,

they would bring a second ambulance for Ceri.


My love this time, stay close.

Ceri looked at the boy asleep on the starch white hospital bed,

his face was pale, and he was attached to tubes and wires and monitors,

and other things Ceri didn't not know or understand. Yet he looked

beautiful and peaceful and Ceri didn't feel the pain in his arms,

only the pain in his heart for the sleeping boy in front of him.

He sighed and laid his head gently on Maxi's bed.


He awoke several hours later, the big hospital windows were dark,

and stars glittered and sparkled in the distance.

He stared out of the window dreamily, and did not realise that Maxi

was awake, untill he felt a hand stroke his hair softly.

He looked at Maxi and felt a huge relief lift. He took his hand,

still sleepy. 'Hey hun'.

Maxi touched the bandages on Ceri's arm gently and looked at him


'What happened love' he whispered.

'umm, you took an overdose' Ceri whispered, his voice shaking.

'I meant to you...' Maxi intertwined his fingers with Ceri's.

'ohh, yeah, umm, i kinda smashed the bathroom window' Ceri

laughed gently. He was not enirely sure if he was awake.

He leaned over the bed, and kissed Maxi gently on the lips.

He was definately awake.


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