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A day in the life by Kara Adora


    Matt Browne awoke with a jolt, the tourbus had gone over a speed hump.  Yawning, he rubbed his eyeliner smeared eyes before realising that there was a stunning redheaded girl emerging from the lounge area.

“Oh shit,” he thought “What’s her name? Emily, Emma, Elizabeth….”

She caught the look on his face, “It’s Eliza.”

“Right, sorry,” Matt sighed “Eliza”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m going now.  Thanks, it was fun.”

“My pleasure” Matt turned over, pulled his duvet up and went back to sleep.  The bus stopped and Eliza left.


“Matt, sunshine, wake up.” Martyn stood next to Matt’s bunk and shook him

“Fuck Off, I’m sleeping.” came the reply

“No you’re not, come on, we’re here.”


“Camden, remember? We’ve got an interview to do.”

“Yeah,” Matt finally lifted his head from his pillow “What time is it?”

“Almost midday.”

“Is everyone else up?”

“Except Robbie.”

Matt laughed “Like that’s a change,” His eyes sparkled mischievously “Here, gimme that water.”

“What are you doing?”

Matt got out of bed, took the water, walked over to Robbie’s bunk and threw it over the unsuspecting sleeper.

“AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! You fucking bastards!” Robbie was awake.



    Once the boys were dressed in their trademark tight tops and jeans, they congregated in the lounge area to add the finishing touches.  Robbie was still pissed off with Matt.  “I can’t believe you did that.” he said, applying lipstick to his perfect pout.

“Oh calm down, it was only water.” Matt said, giggling

Robbie turned his back on him.  Matt bounded over and gave him a hug.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay? C’mon, you know you love me.”

Robbie couldn’t keep it up for long.  “Okay, fine, you’re forgiven.  But I wouldn’t have been in such a bad mood if you hadn’t kept us up half the night.”



“All right, but it’s not like you’ve never done that.”

“Yeah, but I can remember their names.”

“Cheeky cunt,” Matt exclaimed, throwing his eyeliner at him “Her name was Eliza thank you.”

“Don’t throw that at me.” Robbie retaliated by chucking his mascara at Matt.  Before they could cause a real mess with the glitter, Martyn stepped in.

“Girls, girls, are you ready yet?”

“Is Mr Dabrowski done with his hair yet?” Shouted Matt.

Dan emerged from the tourbus’ tiny bathroom.

“It takes me less time to do my hair then it does for you two to do your make up.” He teased Matt and Robbie.

They glared at him “Yeah, but we look better.” grinned Robbie

“That’s what you think.” Dan replied

“Okay, okay, let’s go,” Matt intervened “Where are we meeting the interviewers?”

“Intrepid Fox, it’s for a couple of fans.” Martyn said

“Okay, then lets go.”


    Within ten minutes they had piled off the bus and settled in to a corner of the Intrepid Fox, cradling cans of Stella.

“Nelsta, you’re the one who set this up, where are they?” Robbie was getting restless.

“They’ll be here.” Martyn answered

Two girls walked through the door, saw the boys and came over.

“Told you,” Martyn stood up “Hi Ally, Lauren.”

“Hi, listen, thanks for doing this.” Ally smiled at them.

“No problem.” Matt smiled.

“Okay, we’ve just got a few questions for our website and then we’ll leave you alone.”

They laughed and got on with the interview.  It was over pretty quickly and the girls said their goodbyes and left.

“What now?” Dan asked

“Well I’m going back to the bus to catch up on the sleep I missed.” Yawned Matt

“I need a top, all mine stink.  I’m going shopping” Robbie stated

The boys agreed to come back to the bus in two hours.  Matt watched the others leave and then climbed on to the bus and collapsed on to his bunk.  He slowly drifted off to sleep.



“Hellllooooo, I’m home.”

Matt woke up with a start.  “Robbie, is that you?”

“Matt, Matt my darling.  I met this man and he gave me……now….what was it?”

“Robbie, have you taken something?” Matt jumped off his bunk and approached Robbie.

“Just a little pill.” Robbie collapsed in to Matt’s arms.

“Oh not now Robbie, we’ve got a gig tonight.” sighed Matt as he manoeuvred him on to the couch.  The door to the bus opened.

“Hey, we’re back.” Martyn called

“Nelsta, Dan, listen, Robbie’s taken something and I have no idea what the fuck it is, what are we gonna do with the gig tonight and everything…” Matt was babbling

“Hold on, It’s not like he’s a drug virgin.” Dan said

“Yeah, but this is different, he’s really out of it.  I-I think he needs help.”

“Where is he?”

“On the couch, in the back.”

They went to the back, where they found Robbie unconscious.

“That’s it, we’re going to the hospital.” Matt ran and told the driver to drive to the nearest hospital.


“Help, we need Help!” Matt shouted, Robbie balancing precariously between Dan and Martyn.

A nurse rushed over to them “What’s the matter?” motioning for a gurney.

“He’s taken something, a pill, I don’t know what, he just came back and collapsed.” Matt told her

Two other nurses had got Robbie on the gurney and were rolling him down the hall.

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to stay here.”

“But someone should be with him.” Matt protested

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait out here.”  The nurse followed down the hall.  Matt, Dan and Martyn went and sat in the hard plastic chairs.


    The waiting had been hell.  They hadn’t heard anything for an hour and were getting seriously worried.

“Look, I’m gonna go and call Caffy, tell her the gig’s off and to give everyone their money back.” Dan stood and made his way to the payphone.

    Matt’s head was in his hands, “Nelsta, what if he doesn’t make it?”

“He will Matty, he’s a fighter.” Martyn gave Matt a hug to try and comfort him.

“Caffy, just get down here as soon as you can, Robbie’s in trouble and the gig’s off.  Call the venue, tell ‘em to give back the money, I don’t really give a shit all right.  But get down here as soon as you can.” Dan sighed and hung up.  He walked back to Matt and Martyn as the nurse approached them.

“You came in with Robbie Grimmit, yes?”

“Yeah, is he awake? Is he okay?” Matt jumped to his feet.

“He’s stable.  We still don’t know what he took, but he is stable at the moment.”

“Can we see him?”

“Not yet, we’re still doing some tests.  You can see him after that.  I’ll send someone for you.” The nurse walked off.


 Another 40 minutes passed before the nurse came back.

“We’ve found out what he took.” She said

“What was it?” Martyn asked

“It seems to be dog worming pills.”

“Why would he take dog worming pills?” Matt was confused

“It’s likely they were disguised as Ecstasy, I have to get back now.  You can see him if you’ll follow me.”

The boys rushed down the hall and walked in the room.  Robbie was lying on the bed, deathly white with his eyes half shut.

“Robbie,” Matt was the first to speak “How’re you feeling?”

“Like shit.”

Matt tried to be calm, but he had tears welling up in his eyes “You scared the shit outta us Rob, why the fuck did you take it?”

“I dunno, I guess….I just wanted to get off my head,” tears began to stream down Robbie’s face “I’m really, really sorry.”

“Robbie, you didn’t just fuck with us, the gig had to be cancelled.  The fans are gonna be on our backs after this.” Dan told him.

“I-I don’t know what to say.  I didn’t want to scare you.  I didn’t want to mess up the gig and I didn’t want to end up in hospital on a drip.” Robbie laid back on his pillow.

Matt couldn’t take it anymore and the tears he’d been holding back came flooding out.  “Just don’t do that ever again,” he said, hugging Robbie “I can’t take that shit again Rob and my eyeliner’s running.”

Robbie laughed “Well if that’s all you’re worried about, I mean, never mind the fact that I almost died.”

Matt stuck his tongue out at him “Well if you hadn’t taken a dog worming pill in the first place……”

Martyn stepped in “Everything’s all right now isn’t it? Let’s just concentrate on getting Robbie back to full health and re-scheduling that gig”

“I was just saying…….” Matt began, before he was cut off with a look from Dan.

Things were back to normal in King Adora’s world.

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