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In my wildest dreams... By broken-star

Robbie felt his breathing grow heavy as he watched Maxi
writhe aboutonstage, breathing over the microphone, his top slipping up his body
to show off his pierced belly button. Maxi winked at Robbie as he
caught his eye and stuck out his tongue, showing a flash of silver.
Maxi turned to his adoring fans, 'this one' he breathed 'is about
the joys of muff diving' he laughed and launched into the song as the crowd screamed along.
Robbie watched it all through flashes of light and lust and moved
closer to Maxi, so their bodies touched and he felt an electric tingle through his body.

All too soon, the gig was over, Robbie followed Maxi offstage,
slipping a hand onto his waist as they headed for the dressing rooms.
Maxi, on a natural high, turned and gave Robbie a tight hug,
proclaiming the gig to have been the 'best ever'.
Robbie held the hug as long as he could. He knew after the gig, after
they returned to the bus, calmed down, he'd lose his nerve to touch
Maxi, to hold him so closely again.
He rested his head on Maxi's shoulder and felt the overwhelming urge
to fuck everything and kiss him. But he couldn't. He pulled away
from the hug, and turned away from Maxi.

That night in the hotel that had been arranged for the band he cried himself to sleep.

He woke in the early hours of the morning, alone and sad. Sometimes on the tour bus Maxi would sleep next to him, just liewith him, be there.

Robbie got out of bed and went to the window, the stars were beautiful,
and he wanted to be outside, to look at the stars. With Maxi.
He dressed silently, and slipped out of the room.

He walked through the deserted corridors of the hotel,
pausing briefly at Maxi's door, before going on alone.

Outside the hotel he sat on one of the low walls, and lit a cigarette,
he thought of all the times he had touched Maxi, held him close,
slept beside him, even cried to him. Loved him. But never to be loved
in return. He felt tears sting his eyes, and rubbed them away.
He flicked away his cigarette end and stood up.

Slowly, he walked away from the hotel. Where to, he did not know.
He just knew he couldn't face going back.

Robbie walked the deserted streets, his head tilted back, gazing at the
stars, dreaming, in a world of his own.
He stepped into the road, oblivious to the late night taxi's racing by.
One sounded it's horn, jerking Robbie out of his dreams, and he turned
to see where the noise had come from, losing his balance, and stepping
into the path of an oncoming car.

He saw the car coming. His body froze in place. He felt the impact of
the car hitting his body. Felt himself being thrown though the air.
Landing. Pain surged through his body. It felt as if it was all
happening in slow motion. The car swerved and carried on. Robbie lay
motionless feeling waves of pain crash through his body.
He looked at the stars once more before losing consciousness.

He awoke later that day, in a hospital bed, with no recollection
of how he'd gotten there. Heavy drugs numbed his pain.
He was alone.

'Always fucking alone' he thought bitterly, and drifted back to sleep.

The next time he was awoken it was by the sound of crying.
He opened his eyes slowly, the hospital lights hurting his eyes.
He saw Maxi. Perched carefully on the edge of his bed.
Tears streaming down his face. He reached up and wiped his eyes when he
saw Robbie was
awake. Robbie looked at the star tattoo on his wrist
and pulled his hand down so it clasped his own.

He would tell him later how he felt.
He had a feeling; just a feeling Maxi might feel the same way.
He looked at the star, his star, and closed his eyes.

Matt sent the night by his bedside, holding his hand, watching his closed eyes.
'Fuck, he looks so sad, even asleep' he thought, and twined their
fingers together tighter. 'to let him know he isn't alone in his
dreams' he thought.
He laid his head on the side of Robbie's bed breathing in the familiar
scent, closing his eyes briefly, just to rest them, just to rest...

Robbie awoke to sunlight drifting through the windows and tried to turn
away and hide his eyes, only to feel trapped, he breathed in sharply
and sat up pushing away the covers of the unfamiliar bed.
Pain rushed through his body, and his mind whirled. He tried to
breathe. Suffocating.

He felt a hand clasp his own, and looked down to see a sleepy Matt
rubbing his eyes, as he opened them, Robbie saw the worry and pain
reflected in Matts eyes and felt himself reach up and clasp Matt's
hand tightly. The outburst of pain was gone from his body, but his
head still hurting.

Matt stood and leaned into Robbie carefully, so as not to hurt
his fragile body.

They held each other for what seemed like eternity to
both, but what was really 5 minutes, until a doctor appeared in the room.

The older man cleared his throat noisily, and caught the attention of
the two, who drifted their hold apart but still kept their hands locked
tightly together.

The doctor looked down at his medical records, embarrassed.
'Well', he said, 'you had a pretty bad knock last night, we kept
you under observation, but there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage
or concussion. You'll feel a bit rough for a while though, take it very
easy.' He looked at Matt, 'make sure he does, and he's free to go'.

Matt smiled relieved, and assured the doctor he'd take care of Robbie.

The doctor left hastily and Matt retrieved Robbie's washed but torn
clothes from his bedside cabinet.

Robbie moved himself to the side of the bed shakily, and let Matt help
him dress, secretly glad of the attention and closeness.

Matt insisted Robbie stay inside the hospital while he went and called
Martyn to tell him why they were missing from the hotel, and to ask
him to pick them up.

An hour later Robbie lay curled up against Matt in Matt's hotel
room. Robbie had said he didn't want to be alone. He knew it was time to talk to Matt.

He had accepted a glass of whisky from Matt (though Matt had insisted
on 'only a small one') Robbie wondered at Matt's 'looking after' skills.

He swirled the whisky around in his glass, letting the cool golden liquid spill over his fingers.

'ummm' Robbie muttered 'I have' he paused, sneaked a look at Matt,
and tried to start again 'I' he stuttered. And lost his nerve.

Matt touched his hand, and lifted the glass from his fingers.
He brought Robbie's hand up to his mouth and gently licked the whisky from his fingers.

'Shhh' he whispered, 'it's ok'.

Matt downed the whisky quickly and dropped the glass to the floor.
He lifted his hand and placed it on Robbie's neck, stroking a bruise
there, and placed a soft kiss on it.

Robbie smiled and felt the pain and worry drift away as Matt blushed.
(Prettily, Robbie thought 'he's pretty when he's embarrassed')

Robbie leaned into Matt and placed an equally soft kiss to his lips.
He realised his headache had gone.

Robbie sniffled softly and looked down at Maxi who had fallen asleep  by his side.
He touched the sleeping boys lips softly and remembered the kiss
they had shared the night before.

A tear rolled down his cheek and fell onto Maxi's, who stirred, and
blinked open his eyes. He caught sight of Robbie's tearstained face and sat up hurriedly.
'Rob, what's wrong, are you hurt?' he questioned anxiously.
Robbie shook his head, 'no, not the accident, I'm ok', he smiled 'just lonely'.

Maxi put a hand to Robs face and gently stroked away the tears,
pulling him into a tight hug. They stayed like that in silence for
a minute, then Matt pulled away, and gently lifted Robbie's face
to his own, kissing him softly on the lips.
Matt smiled as Robbie closed his eyes, *he's so pretty with his eyes closed* he thought.

Matt pulled away gently, a mischievous smile playing on his lips,
*ahh, I know what'll cheer him up* he thought.

Robbie was still half lying, half sitting with his eyes closed when
Maxi grabbed his make up bag from the counter, and proceeded to dig through it.

'Matt' Robbie said opening his eyes,
'what the fuck are you doing?'
Maxi smiled and waved his eyeliner proudly.
'Glamming you up honey' he replied, grinning.
Robbie looked at him, silently.
'Close your eyes' Maxi commanded'
He did.
Maxi drew careful lines over his eyelids and, not content that he had
enough eyeliner, drew stars at the corner of each eye.
Robbie giggled, eyes still closed. He could feel Maxi's breath close
to him and knew his face was near his own.

Matt returned the eyeliner to the bag, and began to dig though it again.
He pounced on a small tub, grinning, and opened it, leaning in towards Robbie again.

He dipped a finger into the tub and carefully spread glitter over
Robbie's eyelids, under his eyes, just a little on his cheeks,  and his neck...

Robbie's eyes flew open when Matt stroked the cold glitter-gel down
his chest and caught sight of his glittering reflection in the mirror.
He laughed and grabbed Maxi's hand, gaining control of the glitter.

He looked at Maxi and then carefully placed a glob of glitter on the  tip of his nose.

Robbie giggled and pulled Maxi close to him, smothering them both in glitter.

Robbie sat up in bed, surrounded by glitter, face-paints, playing
cards, chocolate body-paint and anything else Maxi had brought him
to cheer him up while he was bed-ridden.
He swallowed the two small white pills in his hand, and made a face.
Maxi smiled over him 'good boy' he said and handed him a glass of  water.
He smiled weakly, and took a sip from the glass, spilling a little water down his chin.
Maxi leant over him, and licked it off carefully finishing with a  gentle kiss on his lips.
He pulled back smiling, 'I have to go out for a bit
hun, get food, and' (he looked at the bed)'... stuff'
'Anything you need' he asked Robbie.
'Painkillers, not these fucking pills though.'
'Ok' Matt replied, wandering over to his wardrobe, and pulling out a
tight black top. He slipped it on, and twirled in front of Robbie.
'How'd I look?' he asked, laughing.
Robbie grinned, 'just fine honey'.
Maxi grinned and flounced out of the room, calling
goodbyes to Robbie.


Maxi wandered along the street, humming softly to himself.
He clutched a chemists bag, and a topshop bag (well, he couldn't  resist a new top).
He looked around the shops, for something for Robbie, and spotted
the Ann Summers shop. He hadn't been there since the Big Isn't
Beautiful video (well, he'd avoided that particular Ann Summers shop)
He and Robbie had almost been thrown out after 're-arranging' one of  the shop's displays.

He smiled and headed over to the shop.


Maxi ran inside the house, giggling and headed straight for the
bedroom. It had started raining, and his hair dye was running down  his face in purple streaks.

He dumped his bags on the end of Robbie's bed and went to the bathroom to grab a towel.

Robbie watched, an amused grin settling on his face.
'What'd you get then?' he asked, looking at the bags.

Maxi smiled, 'tell you soon' he said, pulling off his wet t-shirt.
Robbie laid back and watched, caring about nothing else in the world, for once thankful for rain.

Maxi caught him watching and tutted, he pulled out his new top
and slipped it on, twirling again for Robbie, who clapped,
admiring the see-through material of the girly top.

Matt picked up the chemist bag and crawled onto the bed in front
of Robbie, he pulled out a small bottle, and medicine spoon, and
grinned. He read the label aloud 'no need for pills, liquid
painkiller', he lowered the bottle and looked at Robbie 'cherry flavour.

Maxi carefully poured a spoonful of the liquid into the little spoon.
'Open wide' he commanded.
Robbie opened his mouth, so Maxi could feed him the medicine.
'Good boy' Maxi purred and kissed him gently.

He sat up and put the medicine bottle aside.
'You get a treat for being good' he said picking up Ann
Summers bag.


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