If you want me to add you to this page please email me your name, email address, homepage (optional), birthday and your favourite bands!!

Name: Julia (divineGoddess)
eMail: oxfam_glamour@hotmail.com
Birthday: Oct 17th 1982 (no chocolate, just glitter pls, spanx! lol)
Fave Bands: King Adora, Placebo, Manics, Ikara Colt, Marion, Subcircus, Remote Control, Jack Off Jill, Brian Eno, Daisy Chainsaw, Hoggboy, Robin Black, Suede, Rachel Stamp, Cure, etc.

Name: Henri
eMail: newskin36@hotmail.com
i don't have one
Birthday: december 12th 86
Fave Bands: king adora placebo jack off jill muse tura satana my ruin radiohead hole bratmobile nirvana

Name: Caroline
eMail: another_wasted_legacy@hotmail.com
Homepage: none
Birthday: March 9th '84

fave bands: king adora, manics, placebo, rachel stamp, guns 'n roses, radiohead & other glittery bands i can't remember

Name: Teri
Birthday: 05/06/86
Email: maxi_glitter_faery@yahoo.co.uk
Homepage: Suffocating Glitter
Fave Bands: KA, Rachel Stamp, Manson, Garbage, Hole, The Cooper Temple Clause, Manics, Toilet Boys, Cradle of Filth, Suede, Ash, Elastica, JJ72, Placebo, Jack Off Jill/Bif Naked, and loads more... lol

Name: Amanda
eMail: placebofanatic@yahoo.co.uk

Birthday: 4/5/86
Homepage: none
Fave Bands:  P
lacebo, King Adora, Dandy Warhols,Vex Red, Suede, Blur, Ash, Rachel Stamp, Feeder etc.

Name: Marianne
eMail: tragic_supergirl@yahoo.co.uk

Birthday: 24/3/1981
Homepage: http://go.to/smoulder and http://www.geocities.com/tragic_supergirl

Fave Bands:
suede, strangelove, manics,
marion, king adora, gloria, him, mansun, placebo..
could continue for ages really....

Name: yanni
www.ekg.2fbi.de  ('til sid finishes the official one)
March 8th 1982
Fave bands:
KA, the boys, 69 eyes,t he bates, turbonegro, the sweet, shangri-las,t roggs, lolita no18, pistols, clash, fehlfarben, district, hardcore superstar, pulp,
hives, marylin manson, the frankenstein drag queens from planet 13, terrorgruppe,...last but not least EKG & sickboys aberdeen

Name: Ollie Hopkins
eMail: *click* 
Homepage: http://www.holemeal.8m.com
Birthday: September '87
Fave Bands:
Manics, King Adora, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, Guns n' Roses, Strokes, Jack off Jill, Supergrass, Nation of Alcoholics

Name: Gemma (sparkly gem)
eMail: gingerbird84@hotmail.com
Homepage: don't b silly i don't have that much time :)
Birthday: 27th April '84
Fave Bands: ooo lots...king adora, placebo, david bowie, system of a down, radiohead, fiori....too many to mention!

Name: James (Lawren)
Homepage: http://www.lustrosa.8m.com 
Birthday: 26/06/83
Location: Sheffield
Fave Bands: KA, placebo, manics, radiohead, S.O.A.D,
idlewild, Hoggboy, fake ideal, series 7, kinks, new york dolls, clash, cure, stranglers, pixies, smiths, etc.

Name: Stemmy (I'm a blokey :) )
Homepage: http://uk.geocities.com/zerocomastar
Birthday: 7th Feb '85
Fave bands: Manics, King Adora, Pumpkins, JJ72, Jack Off Jill, Marilyn Manson, Easyworld, Rachel Stamp, Vex Red, Cradle Of Filth, Hole, Ash, Pistols, The Clash... loads more that I'm too silly to remember :)

Name: Sean
Homepage: http://communities.msn.co.uk/TheDrowners
Birthday: 10th March 1987
Fave Bands: King Adora, Placebo, Suede, The Smiths, The Cure, MSP, Pulp, Radiohead etc.......

Name: Benjaglitta
Homepage: sorryyyyyyyyyyy
Birthday: 9. 2. 86 (just a baby im afraid..x)
Fave Bands: Rachel Stamp, Placebo, suede, The Cure, NIN, Tori Amos, Queen Adreena and any others with prettyboys and glitter involved in any way shape or spangly rambly form! x

Name: Suedegirl aka Bad Bored Bony
eMail: Suedegirl1@uboot.com

Birthday: 2 December 1978 (am I the golden oldie on here or what?!!)
Homepage: None
Fave Bands: Suede, King Adora, Longpigs, White Stripes, Air, Rage Against the Machine, Mercury Rev, Dandy Warhols, Bluetones, Charlatons, Lost Prophets, Hundred Reasons, Mansun.

Name: Alex (2nd Julia;) )
eMail: FreakBabe19@glamourpuss.zzn.com
www.glittergoth.de.vu <-- under construction
Birthday: Jan 15th 1982
Fave Bands: King Adora, Placebo, Manics, Muse, Brian Eno, , Suede, JJ72, Silent Jealousy, Human Sacrifice, Aerosmith, Starsailor, Alpinestars, Vanish, Bon Jovi, No Doubt, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom

Name: matt
eMail: she_has_purple_trousers@hotmail.com
Birthday: 20/03/1983
Fave Bands: hum.. rachel stamp :D, king adora (duh), kill hannah, halo, sack trick, placebo, marilyn manson, muse, robin f*cking black, lacuna coil... etc

Name: Christiana (Majical808)
eMail: Sparkleplenty4ever@hotmail.com
Birthday: 6/24/68 (terrible innit??)
Fave Bands: KA, Rachel Stamp, Placebo, Motley Crue...

Name: Henna

Homepage: none
Birthday: June 14th 1983

fave bands: King Adora, Placebo,  Jack Off Jill, Suede, Rachel Stamp, Muse, Queen Adreena....

Name: Paulina
Birthday: December 29th 1983
Fave Bands: Placebo, KA, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Iggy Pop, Babasonicos, Led Zeppelin, New Order and many more..

Name: Lea
eMail: blackest_dark@hotmail.com
Birthday: 7th september '89
Homepage: none

Fave Bands: Placebo, KA, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Pixies, Radiohead, Hole, Nirvana, The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the list goes on for ever...

Name: Paloma
eMail: palomamolko@uol.com.br
Birthday: 06/17/1983
Homepage: http://lomamolko.blogspot.com
Fave Bands: placebo, suede, manics, king adora, rachel stamp, charlatans, blur, brian eno, bowie, dandy warhols, hot hot heat, beatles, supergrass, system of a down, velvet
underground, the jam, idlewild, and many others!!!!!
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