«glammy sleazy rocky glittery gorgeous however... KING ADORA!«

"The best thing about King Adora is the realness between us and our fans. That connection. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate our audience at 11...!"
~Maxi Browne~

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From left to right:
Maxi (Matt Browne) - Guitar, Lead Vocals.
Birthday: January 4
The Nelsta (Martyn Nelson) - Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Birthday: October 7
 Danny Eyebrows (Dan Dabrowski) - Drums.
Birthday:  July 27
 Robbie G (Robert Andrew Grimmit) - Bass.
Birthday: 10th April

King Adora Biography

Glamorous Rock never died... it’s in Birmingham!!

A band having the look, the talk and of course *the music*... They brought back glitter to the oh-so glitterless music scene in fact!

In 1998 singer singer/guitarist Matt Browne and guitarist Martyn Nelson formed the band, completed by bassist Robbie G, whom they met at a Rocky Horror theme night in a local club, and drummer Dan Dabrowski was found through ads. The name of the band was chosen after Matt walked past a sex shop and saw an industrial size dildo with the brand name "King Adora".

The Bluetones own label, Superior Quality Recordings were knocked out by King Adora’s songs and in May 2000. The single, a limited double a-side "Bionic"/"The Law" was released and caused a great public reaction. Comparisons such as Suede, Manics, New York Dolls, etc. didn’t do any harm as well and the band never looked back. As they say, "We’re so different it looks like we’re taking the piss". Oh yes they are!

Their Oxfam Glam image has inspired a real fashion! Stylish glam, with a shade of glitter and makeup. It’s not bluntly their appearance, it’s the fact that they’re excellent musicians and some of the loveliest people in pop. Not bothered with pretending to be "cool", they admit to thoroughly enjoying the pop star life and are very much in love with their fans... "I love the realness between us and our fans", Matt says.

King Adora’s second single "Big Isn’t Beautiful" (July 2000) caused controversy with it’s title, but as Maxi pointed out "Big Isn’t Beautiful" is written from the point of view of an anorexic male. The song is both very personal to me and one which I am proud of. Real people will always scratch beneath the surface and see that King Adora will not be scapegoats for the blinkered and the shallow." The video was partly shot in the window of the Ann Summers shop in Soho’s Tottenham Court Road - and features fans who left the queue outside The Astoria for the Bloodhound Gang gig next door to mosh in the street. Those who know the video will know... They like to take the piss. This single also earned King Adora’s first day time radio play on Radio 1.

By Summer 2000 constant touring and fan-winning earned them appearances at T-In-The-Park and support slots at Mansun’s festival warm ups. At both Reading and Leeds Festivals, they packed out the second stage despite it only being the middle of the day and were invited back this year. Like the first two singles, "Smoulder" sold out of copies.

Late 2000/early 2001 was spent recording an LP, "Vibrate You" with producer John Cornfield at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall. King Adora then set 2001 alight with their sparkling rocky-pop, glamour, attitude and noise! "Suffocate" caught the nation off guard by becoming their Top 40 single debut (Everybody, that is, who wasn’t already aware of the near-hysteria, stage and dressing room invasions etc that are part of the King Adora phenomenon). They played a ferocious, raved about support performance at The Brats where fans bought tickets just to see them before leaving The Astoria before the headline act!

"Bionic" was re-released in April 2001. King Adora nearly got arrested for noise pollution while making the video but it all paid off when the single went Top 30 - another chart hit! Then in May the album "Vibrate You" was released. It deservedly earned great reviews that saw past the underground superstar‘s image - and also became a Top 30 hit.

After touring with Queens of the Stone Age King Adora made their first overseas trip to Japan then gave away the chance for more chart success, to release a single "Friday Night Explodes"... The boys are back in the studio to record the forthcoming album and tour dates will be up soon as well.
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